Are you up to the job? Which job?! Your job!
With the new Erasmus+ project ENJOY, you will learn which competences and skills the labour market requires. Do they match what you learned at school? Does the way you are being taught helps you to become a citizen of 21st century Europe? Find out more and ENJOY the activities which, in the next two years, will take you to Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy to discover what you, your mates and your school can do to keep up with the jobs of the future. Your future.

Tento projekt je realizov├ín za finan─Źn├ş podpory programu Erasmus+ Evropsk├ę unie.
Za obsah sd─Ťlen├ş odpov├şd├í v├Żlu─Źn─Ť autor. Sd─Ťlen├ş nereprezentuje n├ízory Evropsk├ę komise a Evropsk├í komise neodpov├şd├í za pou┼żit├ş informac├ş, je┼ż jsou jeho obsahem.